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4 real reasons you should want to be an Airbnb Superhost

Jul 22
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Airbnb makes it obvious that they have a Superhost program. From indicators on listings to badges on profiles, guests are well aware that the property they're considering has a Superhost or not. The question is, does that really make a tangible difference to hosts? The data might surprise you.

Before we get there, let’s cover how Airbnb measures Superhost status.

Airbnb says they measure Superhost status based on four requirements

  • Completed at least 10 trips or completed 3 reservations that total at least 100 nights
  • Maintained a 90% response rate or higher
  • Maintained a 1% cancellation rate (1 cancellation per 100 reservations) or lower, with exceptions made for those that fall under our Extenuating Circumstances policy
  • Maintained a 4.8 overall rating (this rating looks at the past 365 days of reviews, based on the date the guest left a review, not the date the guest checked out)

I have all those things, how do I earn Superhost status?

Airbnb performs quarterly assessments on January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1, in which the four requirements will be evaluated. If you make the cut, Airbnb will notify you within 5 days after the assessment begins.

Once you’re a Superhost, your listing will receive a “SUPERHOST” indicator in the top corner and your profile will receive a fancy badge. That’s great and all, but what are the REAL reasons you should want to be a Superhost?

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4 reasons you should want to be an Airbnb Superhost

1. Significantly more revenue

  • Earn 60% more revenue per available day

As AirDNA puts it...

Anyone with experience in the hospitality industry knows that everything boils down to RevPAR (Revenue per Available Rental) impact. RevPAR is the single best metric for comparing property performance. Our data shows that Superhosts globally earn 60% more revenue per available day, fueled by their ability to be booked nearly twice as often as their non-Superhost peers.

2. Higher occupancy rates

  • 81% higher occupancy rate

3. More traffic to your listing

  • 5% improvement in listing traffic
  • Boost in Airbnb search results ranking
  • Guests can filter by Superhost

4. Priority support from Airbnb

  • Every year you maintain your Superhost status you’ll receive $100 travel coupon
  • If you have to contact Airbnb, you will be put into a priority queue — leading to quicker answers

Not a Superhost yet? You’re not alone.

Only 19% of hosts have achieved Superhost status. So what disqualified the 81% from achieving it?

Not enough bookings

  • A host must have had at least 10 short-term guest trips or 3 long term guest reservations totalling 100 nights or more per property.


  • A rating of lower than 4.8 within the last 365 days
  • Based on the date the guest left a review, not the date the guest checked out

Airbnb wants to keep their listings as updated as possible. They don’t care how great of a rating a host used to have 2-3 years ago. It’s more important that hosts are still great hosts for the future guests that are looking to book.

Slow response time

  • Hosts that did not respond to 90% of all questions within 24 hours

Cancellation rate

  • Maintain a 1% cancellation rate or lower

What are some things you can do to earn that Superhost status?

It’s all about the guest!

  • Focus on creating memorable experiences for guests
  • Memorable experiences lead to positive reviews, which is one of the most important factors that determines your Superhost status
  • Promptly answer every guest question
  • Ensuring a 90% or higher response rate sounds difficult, but if you put the right processes in place to ensure every guest is heard you should hit that mark in no time.
  • Try not to cancel any bookings, unless they fall under Airbnb’s extenuating circumstances policy

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