Frequently Asked Questions

How does Snackt work?

We try to keep it as simple as possible. All you have to do is sign up and give us your property address(es) and the names and dates of your upcoming guests — that's it! No need to continuously place individual orders.

We will  deliver Snackt boxes directly to all of the guests during their stay. Sit back and wait for the reviews to pour in.

How much is Snackt?

Snackt is $29 per box. We deliver one box for every guest's stay.
Just tell us when your future guests are checking in and out, and we'll ensure they all get snack boxes.

What type of items are included in a box?

A little bit of everything! Our goal is to delight every type of guest with our Snackt boxes — from the pickiest eater to the desserts-only-while-on-vacation guest. Here's just a few of the items you can find in our boxes:

  • Shareables (cookies, chips, popcorn)
  • Coffee and tea
  • Healthier pick me ups (jerky, nutrition bars, trail mix, etc.)
  • Kid favorites (honey or maple syrup sticks, fruit snacks)
  • Even goodies for furry friends! Available if you tell us your guests are bringing their pets.

How do guests receive their packages?

We deliver Snackt boxes directly to your guests as early in their stay as possible.

How will guests know that the package is for them?

Our packaging is designed to catch your guest's attention and show that it's a special delivery just for them. You can always give them a heads up if you would like but most hosts do not find this necessary.

What if a guest isn't at the unit when the snacks arrive?

It happens. Guests won't always be available to answer the door for a delivery (we do not include perishables in our boxes for this reason). You will receive a notification when the package arrives. You can then choose to notify your guests that delicious snack are awaiting them at the front door!

How do I show you my guest schedule?

On your host dashboard you will see fields to input your guest schedule for every month. After filling that in, our team will be notified and will send delicious snacks to your guests in no time.

I have a last minute guest booking, can you quickly deliver snacks to them?

We understand that last minute bookings happen, and we try to make every situation work. While we are improving our processes, we currently require a 2 day lead time to prep and ship snack boxes.

Can I make changes to the items in my boxes?

Not yet, but the ability to personalize your boxes is coming soon! Stay tuned.

Who delivers Snackt for every guest?

We use whatever major carrier is the most appropriate for your location, including UPS, FedEx and USPS.

Do you ship internationally?

No. We only ship to the lower 48 United States for the time being.

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